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“Unique service for every customer” (CS)
We are living in the world that is changing every day thanks to new technologies. Our company is a place where we use last technologies and create new ones. Such things like safety, eco-friendliness, flexibility, good design are not just a sound for new generation – these are new values. We create our product keeping in mind our customer’s values and interests, paying attention on every detail. Through this partnership we are trying to open new opportunities for our most valuable asset – our costumers.


“Group of experienced professionals”
We are a middle size company with state-of-the-art technology in manufacturing eco-friendly steel houses that are energy efficient and stable. People who are creating our technologies have huge working experience in the biggest Korean companies (including our CEO). Founded just 3 years ago our company has already got numerous awards including the recent Prime Minister’s Award for green building technologies. We have got 5 patents for our unique technologies, 2 trade marks, marks for ISO, GD, venture and etc. Our product was recognized as a future technology product on the government level and is included in the list of the most technology advanced small-middle size companies in Korea.


“Unique After Service”
We are providing the unique before and after buying service, which helps our customers understand every system of our product. Understanding what our product is and how it can be used is a very important point for our costumer, which makes it important for us as well.