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What is Li-Leisure House?

Li-Leisure is a new housing trend which combines LIVING and LEISURE to guarantee consumer’s satisfaction. Our product is an extensible modular house framed with sleekly designed Galvalume steel panels. Our energy saving technologies and high-quality thermal insulation materials help to maintain comfortable living conditions during all seasons. Our exterior design, special add-on features, and cutting-edge technologies make it a matchless product in the mobile house market.

Can it be loaded on RVs or trucks?

Because of its weight it cannot be moved on RV’s or trucks. If camping car or caravan attached to RV cars exceeds 750kg in weight, driver should have a special trailer driver’s license. Thus most of camping cars and caravans are made below the weight limit, which makes it unsuitable to live in for all four seasons. However, our product focuses on utility as a house or residence, thus it exceeds the limit by far (weighing minimum 16 tons).

Can it be used for residence only?

Our mini house can be used as an office, shop-in-shop, pop-up store, coffee shop or even as a mobile booth. Our product features great mobility as it can be disassembled into parts and reassembled at the place of event. In addition, its mobility and flexibility provide great re-sale opportunities.

Then, what is the difference between camping car and mobile house?

First of all, in contrast to a simple camping car, in Li-Leisure House we use green energy saving technologies and unique high-quality insulation materials that provides comfortable living conditions in all seasons. Secondly, our Li-Leisure House is transportable and highly adjustable in size. Additional modules can be combined in various sizes and shapes to accommodate your needs. Thirdly, Li-Leisure House is quick and easy to install. Lastly, our product does not require maintenance or any other additional expenses.

Tell me about the options?

Our product has many different options. Among our exterior options you can find terrace, awning, wall garden, rooftop tent and many others. Our interior options include different home appliances, interior walls and floor design, 2-store bed, sofa, kitchen, various types of windows and doors.

What about toilet?

According to the law, to build a toilet in the mobile house you need to get a special permission. Because of this, we do not build a toilet drainage system in our houses. If you are using our product for camping or plan to use it for the business activities during big events it should not be a problem. Nowadays, such places always have comfortable big toilets. If you will use the house outside of Korea we can easily remodel the house and include toilet facilities.

How much is a delivery fee?

Shipping and installation fee depends on many factors including distance and size of the house. Also the land for installation should be prepared in advance. Other requirements can vary depending on the options installed. For instance, for the house with kitchen we require 30cm additional space under the floor for the drainage system.