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CEO Song Jong-Woon

CEO Song Jong-Woon

“Achieving high goals through a challenging spirit”.


Our company was established 3 years ago in order to become an internationally competing firm in the module house industry.
To achieve this goal we are using the most advanced existing technologies.
Which factors do we usually consider when choosing a new house? Energy efficiency, structural safety, maintenance cost, eco-friendliness and design are probably the five things we consider as the most important.
In comparison with a simple container or camping car we are offering a wide variety of functions that reflect needs and values of the modern generation.
We are living in a world that is changing every day thanks to new technologies.
E-Soltec is a place where we use current technologies and create new ones.
Our energy saving technologies and high-quality thermal insulation materials help to maintain comfortable living conditions in all seasons.
Our exterior design, special add-on features, and cutting-edge technologies make it a matchless product in the mobile house market.
We create our product keeping in mind customer’s values and interests, paying attention to every detail.
Through this partnership we are trying to open new opportunities for our most valuable asset – our customers.

Sincerely Yours